Duh Duh Duhhhhh. Nine times out of 10 when I say, “next up, box jumps and handstands”, first reaction is, “I CAN’T DO THAT!?”

BUT YOU CAN…and after pushing past that voice in your head that is scaring you in not attempting it, YOU WILL. So why the heck am I holding you accountable to face these crazy feats? The physical, mental, and (dare I say) spiritual fear of overcoming these admittedly scary tasks are HUGE.


Box Jumps:
The big wooden box or “Plyometric box” in our studio has three heights, 20″, 24″ & 30″.  The very real fear of nailing your shins on the side, and the height are both challenging.  Plyo box jumps requires fast, powerful movement by rapidly contracting muscle to elevate your body off the floor and on to the box. These jumps can not only improve power and strength, they also burn a significant amount of calories when done in higher sets.
(check out Jessyca’s killer arm definition! Woo!)

Standing on your hands helps strengthen your upper body as well as your core muscles. Your arms, shoulders and back to support your body weight, and your core to balance. Being off will cause you to lose balance and fall over, in return making you more aware of your body.  Reversing gravity also reverses blood flow, improves circulation, mental clarity, increases oxygen to the brain, as well as uplift and energize you!
(Lauren & Lauren 10th handstand, UNASSISTED)

So there. You have no reason to complain about either of these. The pig will continue to be hungry, and you will walk out of the studio feeling like you can conquer the world. Period.

Keep it moving!
– Dani


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  1. Patty Beck says:

    A few more training sessions….and I’ll give them a try…I have no fear…I can do anything!!!!

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