After releasing our first DVD in April of 2012, we have been asked quite often “When is the next DVD coming out?” We loved creating the DVD but thought there might be a better way. A way, to be able to give you fresh routines, without having to buy an actual DVD each time.  A way to eliminate scratched lost, or damaged DVDs. A way to reach people who can’t make it in to class due to babysitting issues, work schedules or living out-of-state.


Introducing DaniStream ; to be released February 1st 2013!


Here is the scoop…


DaniStream is a member access only website that allows members to stream videos to their computer, ipad and phone at any time.  Upon release members will have access to our first DVD (released in April 2012) as well as 2 additional cardio hip hop workouts. Each video runs around 50 minutes and is concluded with toning of the arms, legs and core. So upon membership you will have access to three , 50 minute videos ( similar to 3 dvds!)


Starting April 2013, Dani-Fit will publish a new video to DaniStream library each month. Members will have access to all new videos as well as have the ability to go back to previous videos in the library.


Segment to release in March 2013: ‘Cardio Hip Hop X’.  This segment contains a 30 minutes of cardio hip hop as well as 30 minutes of a boot camp style workout.


Segment to release in April 2013: ‘Latin Cardio’. This segment contains 50 minutes of our latin cardio class led by Laura Pietrocarlo.


Membership Options:

Free Trial!

You will have the ability to enjoy a 24 hour trial before you join!

One Month Membership $30.00

6 month Membership = $20.00 per month. (Total = $120)

(Six month membership would be a one time payment at the beginning of membership).

 One Year Membership = $15 per month (Total = $180)

(One year membership would be a one time payment in beginning to start membership).


Package Deal

Purchase a one month pass online for the Dani-Fit studio ($65)

Receive a month membership for 1/2 off (DaniStream one month membership $15)

Memberships we be ready and available to purchase FEBRUARY 1st! Only 7 more days!

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  1. Debbie Esposito says:

    Great idea. It’s more fun in the studio, but it will be great to have access to the other work outs that I can’t make it for. And when I go on vacation looking Dani-Fit I can still work out!

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