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Quick countdown workout that you can do from home!

Here is a video that explains a little bit about our upcoming 30-60-90 program! Jump on it now- Only 12 spots! Email!

You know that person that you talk their ear off about what you did in class? This week you can SHOW them!

Welcome to DaniStream. All memberships begin with a free 48 hr trial.

Now that you figured out what the heck “Dani-Fit” was, here is WHY we are like no other gym or studio in the Buffalo area…

If you are still on the fence about whether its for you, check out the healthy benefits of boogie-ing down from the Director of Dani-Fit, Danielle DeWitt…

There is so much power in positive thinking and speaking, yet it is easy to get into a habit of “being negative” or constantly looking at the world with a “glass half empty” attitude. It is proven that thoughts and emotions directly effect our physical health.

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