Women’s Self Defense Workshop

Ever had that creepy feeling walking through a dark parking lot as if someone’s watching you? Odds are someone was.
Unfortunately as women, we are looked at as easy prey.
In fact, in 2015 they’re were over 90,000 rapes just in the U.S. alone. Coincidentally on average about 90,000 missing person cases are filed each year in the U.S. As sad as it is rape and kidnapping most likely go hand in hand and one will eventually lead to the other. Most statistics for kidnappings show around 3% will survive.
All of this can change with a few easy steps: changes in body language, learning how to use your voice and simple “get away” maneuvers. This workshop will create a space that allows all participants to empower themselves by learning universally effective martial art techniques. Nicole Shagott is currently a purple belt and has been heavily practicing Karate for the past 4 years at the United World Martial Arts Dojo in Hamburg NY.
This workshop will Start at 1:00pm and last 2-3 hours on Saturday August 26th at the Dani-Fit Studio.
Highly encouraged to participate with a friend, and wear comfortable, normal clothing.
(Bring a friend, each of you get a  Dani-Fit Group class for free)
We are excited to finally be able to offer something as valuable as self defense.  Build confidence and gain the knowledge to protect yourself!
Price: $39.00