Prenatal Yoga Mini Series

Inside every woman is a wisdom that intuitively understands everything about the natural process of birth. Danielle will help you reconnect with this wisdom, and guide you through a class specifically designed for the journey of pregnancy, interweaving childbirth knowledge as well as addressing therapeutic applications for common aches and pains. The class, conducted in a calm, peaceful environment will help strengthen the uterus and pelvic muscles, improve circulation, aid in digestion, exercise the spine and increase overall comfort.

Yoga can also assist and alleviate many of the discomforts of pregnancy such as nausea, constipation, varicose veins, swelling, back pain and sciatica. A safe, open community allows you to freely discuss any issues, from discomforts and concerns, to the wonderful new changes your body and baby are experiencing.

Danielle is Mom to Gianna (7 rs) and Iyla (17 months) and has experienced both induced and natural labors. She practiced Yoga throughout her most recent pregnancy with Iyla and felt that it was extremely beneficial to levitate the standard pregnancy aches and pains as well as assist in the labor. Danielle is the owner of Dani-Fit, Certified Personal Trainer, Group Class instructor, Kangatraining and Post Natal exercise, holds her pro card with the natural muscle association, and is a certified judge for the 100% RAW power lifting federation.

4 week mini series

Every Saturday in December @7:45am


*Please email if your due date is within the 6 week session for a smaller session rate!



Price: $49.00