I have been trying to think of good topic to start the official Dani-Fit blog with and I this by far takes the cake (or should I say frozen yogurt)!

We got the keys!

After months of searching for the “perfect” space, we have found it! As of July 1st 2012, Dani-Fit will have it’s own, LARGER, studio! Our new home will be located at 3218 Lake Shore road in Hamburg (Woodlawn).  If you are familiar with Hamburg, drive in to the city to work from the south towns you are definitely familiar with this building. It use to be painted pink, and hold dance classes back in the day, right across from the old Bethlehem Steel Plant. (I also just got confirmation that when Patrick Swayze was part of the Buffalo Ballet, he practiced there! Crazy!)

This is a HUGE step in the right direction and we couldn’t have done it without the major support of all of YOU, coming to class, bringing your friends, and spreading the word. You have stayed true and believed in not only Dani-Fit, but me. One million thank you’s.

Big move means big changes. We are not a fitness studio, we are not a dance studio, we are about lifestyle design. We have offered Zumba and cardio hip hop classes the past year, have had a stellar time, but we need to give you more. You need more class times to fit your schedule. You need a variaty of classes and have access to those classes without having a lengthy contract or breaking your bank. You need more motivation & inspiration on a personal level. You got it! The new studio will house personal training, cardio kickboxing, Yoga, Kid’s Classes, Boot Camp, and ABBC (After baby boot camp). We will have classes offered during the day as well as 2-3 per evening, totaling 9-12 classes per week.

Stay tuned this week as we get ready to unveil our new schedule for July, as well as pictures from the new place as we “dani-fy” it. Im not sure what we are most excited about, being able to turn the music up as loud as we want? Or the 55 parking spaces? maybe the  4 showers/bathrooms in the new studio? “We’ve only just begun”…

As Always: Keep it moving,


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