Over and over again I see friends posts on facebook about how they are giving up chocolate for lent, and it makes me want to curl up into a ball and cry. IT DOESNT HAVE TO BE THAT WAY!

I mainly want to cry because I LOVE chocolate. Seriously might have an addiction to the COCOA. How could anyone EVER give it up for 40 days!? Even as I sit here 16 days away from my FIRST natural body building show, I have been able to keep CHOCOLATE part of my daily diet, and consistently LOST weight! So why the heck are people dropping chocolate like its hot for LENT?!

Chocolate is not the problem.

The high sugar is the problem. The addictive stuff.

Regular milk chocolate is very high in sugar, I understand giving that up. Even some of the brands that claim they are “DARK INTENSE” or a high percentage in cocoa, still contain high sugar. Reese cups, candy bars, etc. All make sense to give up for lent.

Bring in Moser Roth Premium Dark Chocolate bars ranging from 75%-85% Dark Chocolate. Sold at Aldi’s for $1.99-2.89. Done. Need I say more? Oh yes… Yes I can:  YOU CAN EAT THE ENTIRE BAR and its only 16G OF SUGAR!!!!!!! THE WHOLE BAR!

In effort to SAVE THE COCOA here is a list of 4 things that would be BETTER for you to give up than CHOCOLATE!

1. YOGURT. Greek Yogurt, plain Yogurt fruit yogurt ANY yogurt. “But yogurt is healthy Danielle.” SAYS WHO? The marketing department at the grocery store?! Go to your fridge right now , pull out your yogurt that you are eating EVERY day, and tell me how much sugar is in ONE container. My brother just bought some from Wegmans: 14 FLIPPING GRAMS of SUGAR in one yogurt. So what  I am saying is that you can eat almost a WHOLE HUGE DARK CHOCOLATE BAR or one “healthy” yogurt. Read that again.

2. GIVE UP BANANAS & APPLES One medium banana contains 14G of Sugar , One medium Apple contains 19 G of Sugar. (Just in case you need a reminder Dark Chocolate entire Bar 14G.)

and now the big guns….

3. POP (I’m from Buffalo I can say that) Not only can it remove rust from nails, and clean toilets it’s really really bad for you.  Pepsi = HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP, CARAMEL COLOR, SUGAR, PHOSPHORIC ACID, CITRIC ACID oh and 69G of SUGAR for 20 OZ! You want to see weight drop like its hot? DROP THE POP.

4. ORANGE JUICE. Yes your morning OJ has got to go. “But I love my OJ in the morning”. Well no CRAP you love it ( and crave it every morning) ONE cup contains 21g of SUGAR. Its spiking your blood sugar through the roof to give you a pump and you’ll crash just in time for your yogurt at lunch.


Read your labels before you consume them and for goodness sake, don’t give up chocolate!




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