I didn’t always eat Paleo/Primal. I started 6 years ago. The first 2 years of my fitness career was advising clients from what my certification deemed correct. Count calories, burn more than you eat, avoid fat, etc. Heck, even replace meals with shakes from MLM companies ( I kid you not, and I wont go into my views on health MLM’s , thats another blog post)

Back then, my clients did OK. They would lose a bunch of weight from the beginning, and then burn out, and revert back to gaining the weight. My batting average wasn’t great as a trainer. In fact I couldnt even get my own health under control. I knew i had to change, and there had to be some other way out there to help others avoid the pitfalls of a diet and yo- yo weight gain.

When I found paleo/primal, and its easy and amazing lifestyle, I shouted it from the roof tops! We converted our entire studios stance on nutrition around it.

I had finally found a way to lose weight, improve overall health WITHOUT the burnout!

I was eating cheese, bacon, butter, steak and everything else that “makes you fat”, is “unhealthy” and “will clog your arteries”.

I couldn’t wait to share the lifestyle that finally worked on me.

“Everyone around me will be so excited!” but that wasn’t the case.

Suddenly, everyone around me had a PhD in nutrition.

Suddenly everyone around me started lecturing me on the reasons I needed carbohydrates.

I understand its HARD to get past the engrained conventional wisdom we have practiced for years, BUT we are still fat.

More fat and SICK now than we EVER have been.

Everyone began to question my bacon and cheese consumption,  but never batted an eye when I ordered double doubles every day from Tim Hortons or sustained my life on 2 liters of pepsi daily.

No one batted an eye when I would reward my self with cookies and cake, because I “deserved” it, or could burn it off later. Can we say “eating disorder”? Can we say “emotional eating” encouragement?

Mental and self confidence shit storm. Thanks guys.

Point is – If something is working for you, and its not conventional, and others pushback.

(usually the unhealthy and miserable ones push the hardest)

Screw them!

You do not need to justify yourself to them or anyone.
This is your life. You are in charge. Don’t ever be made to feel guilty about it by someone else.

So for everyone out there feeling frustrated at the family parties, in the office, and by the cowards behind the keyboards…. I hear you.

Now go eat that Sausage Egg and Cheese.

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