Well, It’s time. Time for some tough love. I tried to be “cute” about it with the pig, but I have had it. Whether you attend classes, semi- private train with me, or attend one on one’s, you all need to hear it.

You are wasting YOUR money and time if you…
– say “I can’t”
– workout and then pig out on food at home.
– fix your hair, fix your sneakers, or spend 10 minutes in the bathroom fixing your panties that are bunched IN the middle of a workout
– talk negatively about yourself.
– talk negative about anything.

– Worried about what others are doing in class and not worrying about yourself.

You are disrespectful, AND wasting your money and time if you…
-Check your phone text messages
-Check your phone or watch to see “how much time is left”
-ANSWER your phone
– Talking when an instructor is explaining a specific form, or exercise to prevent you from getting injured

The sad part is that most people do not realize they are making an excuse. They tend to be automatic, often and do not stop to think about what excuses are being made. Fact is, if you are an “excuse maker”, you probably have been saying the same boo-hoo story for the past 10 years, and you have an extreme talent for catering that excuse to each and every aspect of your life. We all have a set of excuses and often pretend that they leave us “powerless”.

Excuses like these are your escape route that you rely on when taking the “necessary action” to change becomes too hard. They are literally your attempt to ‘excuse’ yourselves from fulfilling your goals and being the responsible, wonderful, powerful people that you are. Excuses give you power over to something or somebody else. Your excuses have the ability to destroy your best laid plans and rob YOU of having a life of love and happiness that YOU deserve.

Steve Jobs was given up for adoption at birth, dropped out of college, was fired from apple, had an entire company fail, and lived with terminal cancer. He had a million of reasons to make up excuses yet accomplished,  influenced and change the world!

Do you think “Dani-Fit” would have happened if I said ” this isn’t going to work” when NO ONE showed up to class? Do you think Dani-Fit grew off the words “I can’t do this?” How about if in the middle of a class I decided to check my phone for text messages, or answer a call? What if I showed up late for class? or canceled class because “I didn’t feel like it” or “I’m too tired to go”? What if I gave up when people tried to bring me down, sabotage me, or talked smack about what I’m doing? (Because people actually did that) Do you think Dani-Fit would still be going?


If you have a vision big enough and exciting enough, you will not use excuses to destroy it. So, break into that future which inspires YOU, rather than using your old, moldy, and stale excuses to keep you stuck.

Try standing in front of a mirror every day, and tell your story and excuses to the mirror. I guarantee that within a WEEK you will be SO SICK of hearing that same sad song and dance that you will want to drop them immediately!

I give you 100%, I deserve 100% in return.
You CAN do this.
I know you CAN do it.
I believe in you.
I believe in you.
Did, I say I believe in you?

Keep it moving, – Dani

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  1. Jamie says:

    I totally agree! I’ve been teaching spinning for years and I often have people that have a full conversation that I can hear over the music. Its rude to me and its rude to the class. I try to push them harder, but they just don’t move the resistance and chat about whatever. You’re at class to work, so shut your mouth unless you’re breathing hard and turn it up! Thanks! =)

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