Yay for crock pot season! I pretty much leave it out on my counter from now until summer and try to use it once a week. It’s SO easy and it allows you to make extra for meals in the following days! Here is a recipe ¬†I recently tried. Everyone including my 5 year old loved it.



1-2 Whole Heads of Garlic

1 Whole Raw Chicken

2 Lemons

Rosemary, Salt Pepper

Cut one garlic head in half and place on bottom of crock pot with some rosemary and lemon slices.



Make sure to EMPTY out Chicken! I didn’t the first time and burned the bag inside that held the organs.

Add garlic, lemon and rosemary to inside.

Rub outside of chicken with salt and pepper, then place chicken in crock-pot.

Add more lemon slices and rosemary to outside on top.

image1 (4)


Cook on low-medium until chicken is cooked through 4-6 hours.


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