Close your eyes. Imagine yourself getting ready to hit up “the Gym”. You changed your workout clothes 3 times, because you know you’re going to be stared at, and after finally finding a parking spot you muster up enough confidence to walk through the door of “the Gym” to workout.  Once you get past the Registration fee, the monthly fee and have signed up for a three year contract, you need to dodge the trainer in the polo shirt who INSISTS you won’t get results without him.

You find your way over to the massive cardio deck and sign up for the next machine that opens. After waiting 10 minutes, you decide that there aren’t really any good magazines to read or TV to watch while you’re doing your cardio so you wander over to the group classroom.

Once you find an open spot in the only class that isn’t “taken” by 75 other people, you wait another 5 minutes for the instructor. She is late and explains that she had no time to eat and you watch her shove a Wendy’s #2 meal down her throat while she gets her music ready and fixes her hair in the mirror (yes, this actually happens). Class finally get’s started and you end up following the person in front of you since you can’t see the instructor, and she can’t see you (in fact, she most likely has no idea you’re there.)

Luckily the instructor does have a headset microphone but it’s hard to determine what she is saying between the tribe-like-chants she makes, and cheerleader words of encouragement…. “Arrrrrriiibbbaaaa!!!! Shake it Ladiessss!!!!! OYE OYE!!!!”

Class is over and so far you’ve been at the gym for a little over an hour. You haven’t broken a sweat quite yet so you consider going over to the “Ab section” but quickly change your mind after noticing the huge, tan, dude pretending to be on his cellphone as he gawks at the girls doing sit ups.

Its now been an hour and a half, and you figure, “At least I put in a good effort – right?” You’ve been there for 90 minutes, and that is a long time! You leave, go to bed, yet continue to wake up each morning, no where near your goals, unhappy with the lack of results, and labeled as a $9.99/month paying drone.


Now, open your eyes.


You’re clearly ready for change.


Our Way

There is a better way! And that way is waiting for you at the Dani-Fit Studio. If you want to get the results you want, break that plateau, gain confidence and ENJOY your workouts, all you have to do is join us.


You pay for what you get.

Why pay for something you’re not going to use? We have no contracts, no registration fees, and no recurring monthly fees.  Each group class can be paid for individually or purchased in a bundle of 5 classes (good for any 5 classes of either boot camp, pilates, yoga, cardio hip hop, cardio hip hop x, zumba, etc). We also don’t charge for your first class, so if you really do not like it, there are no worries. We’ll still be glad you gave it a shot!


No pressure to purchase training or products.

All of the trainers at Dani-Fit are from the Buffalo area and they work for themselves without a “higher power” or “corporate boss” pushing them to meet sales goals, or sell certain products. Each trainer is passionate about what they do, and truly cares about your results.  They are trustworthy, professional and dependable. Best of all, they give you 100% of their attention for your entire session.


The BEST class Instructors.

Ok, so maybe we are tooting our own horns a little, but really our class instructors are phenomenal. You are not a number and it doesn’t take long until our instructors know your name, what your goals are, and what you ate for breakfast that morning.  Like our trainers, they truly are passionate about the classes they teach and are aware of every single person attending their class.  We have no microphones, no screaming instruction, and we’re always punctual and ready to give you a refreshing class like no other studio has before.


No time wasted.

No need to map out your workout any more, just show up! Every time you walk through that door, whether it’s a one-on-one training session, semi-private group session, or group class- you don’t have to think. Just do.  If you took the effort to make time for the gym, move dinner plans, or get a babysitter for your kids, then there is no room for standing around waiting for a cardio machine.


In fact, we don’t have cardio machines, there are no TV’s, no magazines and no books for you to read while you’re working out. When sweating at our studio, you work hard, work smart, and make the BEST use of your time (instead of catching up with Kim Kardashion and The Price is right as you count down the minutes left on your elliptical – “yawn”).


We keep you motivated & supported.

The first thing you see when walking into our studio is our “chalk board” that has a quote to get your mind in the right direction. Rope that in with our blog, website and most importantly our Facebook page, and the support is never ending. Dani-Fit is like a huge family, and everyone is there for the same reason – “to have a healthier, happier life.”  If motivation isn’t enough to light your spark, we have programs like our Biggest Loser Contests and semi-private group training to hold you accountable.


We give back.

Danielle DeWitt, a Hamburg, NY native and the owner of Dani-Fit, finds it extremely important to give back to her community. Almost all of the studio’s furnishings were purchased locally at the Buffalo Habitat for Humanity ReStore, The one year anniversary party raised over $500 for the Boys and Girls club of Buffalo, and this past Holiday season a class was donated in efforts to supply a family in need with Gifts for Christmas.


The studio has also worked with Local Girl Scout troops in acquiring their “fitness” and “dance” badges, and we’ve even incorporated shoveling the neighbors of the studio’s driveways into our workout, following the first big snow storm this past year.


If you haven’t been to our studio yet, we invite you to come in, check it out and experience a whole new approach to fitness. You will find constant support, motivation and inspiration in both physical and mental forms for all aspects of your life. We treat everyone who walks through the door as an individual who deserves personal attention and direction. We make sure you get enjoyment and results out of the time you spend here, and we’re ready to help you be the best you can be. Get those results you’ve been waiting for! Be Happy. Be Fit. Be Dani-Fit.



  1. Patty Beck says:

    I walked through the doors of DaniFit in July 2012…. It was the beginning of a total life transformation for me. I started with cardio hip hop classes and fell in love. The classes are so much fun, everyone is so supportive. I then, with some hesitation, signed on for The Biggest Loser. It was the best thing I’ve ever done. I have not only changed on the outside(lost 24lbs in 8 weeks), but I’ve changed on the inside. Danielle De Witt is always by your side, no matter your ability, to guide you and make you feel empowered. I feel strong…inside and out. My next venture is personal training with Danielle and another member. I feel amazing…I feel strong…I have no doubt if you give DaniFit a chance( and the first ones free)… You will NOT be disappointed….

  2. rachel thomas says:

    I started With Dani-Fit over a year ago, I got sick of making excuses for myself, (no time-twin boys-pregnancy weight-) so i went in ,nervous and terrified at dancing in public. This class gave me a reason to keep my head up, shake my booty, and feel amazing about the time i spent. Everyone is there for the same reason, they’re all fighting their own battles, here i sit a year later and almost 30 lbs lighter, through Hip Hop Cardio , Boot Camp and Personal Training. It’s wonderful to have a place to go that makes you feel like part of something bigger, and holds you accountable,– like she said you are there to work, not wander around aimlessly. so when you show up… BRING IT.

  3. jacky says:

    went to my 1st Dani-Fit class last night. it was AMAZING. I was hesitant and nervous as first, but truthfully you are there for no one but YOU! I loved it so much I stayed for the 2nd class! I am ready to feel like myself again and shake this baby weigh away.

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