It’s pretty much summer,  and all ready, almost every weekend is booked with things to do. Not only are summers packed with busy-ness, but the hot weather brings less clothing, weddings, parties, and more specifically the bathing suit. Whether you want to rock it in the 2 piece or just feel confident at your best friends wedding, there is still time to SIEZE the SEASON!!!

We mentioned some great, specific things you can DO and NOT do on episode #41 of the Free to be fit podcast. Knowing what to do and what NOT to do is half of the battle.

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So now you know what you should and shouldn’t physically do. You have your calendar and goals to reach.  What is stopping you? I’ve found its the inner dialogue with yourself, that truly makes or breaks it. Its that inner guilt flame that we fan, the excuses we create, the fear we try to cover and the anxiety we try to hide. When all of those factors go unaddressed they usually end up keeping us from our “best” selfs.

Starring those mental hurdles in the face that we create for ourselves is a necessity.  Redirect yourself from old habits. Create some kick start practices to new habits and free yourself from that physiological containment. Get out of your own way. You CAN become the best possible version of yourself!

Believe you deserve better (you have to at least think so a little bit if your reading this post, but a little bit isn’t enough).  You can’t just “kinda” want it. You need to believe from your head to your toes that you, yourself, the person you look at everyday in the mirror, deserves to live life at your highest mental and physical potential.

You get one life, and you get to chose how you live it. Will you allow yourself to know what you are capable of?

Start being honest with yourself about your “stuff” and do what you need to do to block out those old, stale, emotional messages that do nothing but cloud your head and prevent you from living the way you want to live and stop you from reaching the goals you set.

What are your goals like? There is no room for fuzzy, indeterminate, or vague aspirations. Make it a clear cut plan – a 5k, pounds to lose, or dress to fit into that you either complete or not. Numbers you want to lift, or not lift, a class you either take or don’t. There’s a reason for the cement here. Not only will you feel more prompt to follow through, but you’ll reap the decisive-ness rewards.

Every day, or every week have a check list. Just crossing things off is rewarding! Take advantage of the summer’s quickly approaching sense of urgency. You have longer day light, better weathers, more time, and more opportunity.

This is YOUR time. Take the first step towards an optimal way of living, and a stronger happier, healthier you. Excuses are SO last season. Sign up for a 5k, enroll in a powerlifting competition, commit to a walking path 2 times a week.

Do something extraordinary. Seize the season. Seize your life!

– Danielle




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