Do you have a bucket list? You should. Things to do before you “kick the bucket”, before you enter the next decade of years, or before the summer ends. A bucket list can benefit you in many ways.

Recognizing your values.

When you make a list of things that you would like to do, it will springboard your brain into thinking about what is actually important to you. Help you realize what you value.  Figuring out what you REALLY want to do will give you a perspective of what you are currently spending your time doing. For example, spending 3 hours a day on facebook, is not going to scorch calories to help you reach your “minus 10 pounds goal” before your best friends wedding that your standing up in next month. Get focused. What can you do RIGHT NOW to get you closer to putting a big fat check next to an item on your bucket list?

Make it Visible

Writing this list down, and placing it somewhere you can see it will keep you motivated to reach these goals. Seeing them helps remind you what is important so “life” doesn’t get in the way. Goals are exciting, stress relieving, fun, and fulfilling. The more you are reminded of your goals, the better. Sit down, with a blank piece of paper,  and write down your list. Even if its for just this year, write down what you want to accomplish. Post it. Keep it challenging, yet attainable. Then do it, and keep a marker close by to cross it off.

Tap into your Creative Side

Nothing gets your creative juices flowing like a good brainstorming session. Creating this list can aid in tapping into that creative side of yourself. That part of you that dreams big, nurtures your inner child and makes life really worth while. Once you get that creative side some attention, its hard for your everyday “self” to ignore those dreams!

Here is my bucket list, always growing,

– Sky Dive
– Visit Italy before I kick it.
– Be in a Music Video
– Open my own business
– Read an entire book (and LIKE it!)
– Go to a winter X games before I’m too old and not cool.
– Do a 360 wake boarding by the end of the summer.
– Be in a Flash Mob  in the month of July 🙂
– Teach Gianna how to legitimately moon walk by the age of 5.

My most recent “strike through” on my list was the opportunity to be in a music video.  I began dancing at the age of 3, fell in love with performing, and the music (mainly hip hop). The gratification that dance gave my mind and body was always something incomparable.  Wanting to be in a music video was only natural. Thanks to Brandon Peszko and Frigid Giant, it happened.

Brandon shot our first DVD for Dani-Fit , and after spending numerous hours together working on the DVD, (and re-doing everything because of a little hiccup ) we learned a lot about both of our fields of business and have become good buddies. Brandon’s talent is ridiculous. Along with the Dani-Fit dvd, Brandon also shoots weddings, television commercials and music videos. Brandon honestly makes you feel like your project is the only thing he is working on.

Frigid Giant is an another ridiculously talented individual from Buffalo. Not too long ago, the 2 Buffalo born got together to film “Bombs Away”  and had a sick article written about it (Read it here).
His newest video is for the track “When it rains.” Both claim its the “best work they have ever completed” and I had the privilege of being part of it! Stay tuned for the video drop date 7.14.12, and maybe even a little parTAY to kick it off with a bang.  I haven’t previewed it yet- the suspense it killing me!

It’s excitement like that,  that keeps you motivated and keeps you moving.

What are you going to knock off your list?

– Dani

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