Bring your lover to class week!

Whether it’s your husband, boyfriend, wife, girlfriend, WHOEVER your valentine may be this year!

Bring them in for class Valentines week, February 11-15th to sweat with us!

They’ve heard you talk about class, how fun it is and sometimes how sore you are, but do they really know what we have going on inside those bright colored walls? I think it is safe to say, that most have never been to a class (except Doug) so in their favor, it won’t cost anything! All are welcome to any class, anytime during the week!


What could be better than chocolate, candy, or a huge expensive dinner?

Sweating together!


  1. Melissa Nurmi says:

    Love it!

  2. Patty Beck says:

    Since hubby is working late…bring my son!! Going to be a blast!!!!

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