I have been taking care of business at the new studio. Painting quotes, ordering supplies, lawn signs, cleaning supplies, cleaning,  and the list goes on. It may not be EXACTLY done for our first class on July 2nd, but a “work in progress”. I am the type of person that wants everything done and perfect by “yesterday” but I’ve talked my self into the fact that “Good things take time to complete”, and we are doing everything right, keeping it professional and making it really flipping cool – like no other studio in Buffalo. Not only is there more room to move and groove but I’ve discovered that there are quite a few things I am looking forward to once we open:
1.) I have already checked, and the sun sets on the opposite side of the windows which means no more sun in the eyes at class!
2.) No more waiting in line for the bathroom, because there are 2 bathrooms, AND if we really sweat it up ( which is mainly the case) there are 2 showers!
3.) Parking – HELLO- we have 55 spaces! No more fighting with the Armor Inn for spots!
4.) We can turn up the music as loud as we darn well please- with no worries of disrupting neighbors, or blowing speakers.  Its all about the music!
5.) Control over the AC. Period.
I’ve posted some before pictures for you all to check out! So excited to get the place decked out in Dani-fit colors!

Here is the main entrance into the studio.

“Ahhhhhhh” 🙂

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