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So what can you do through this eating season? I compiled a list of some hacks that will hopefully help you maintain and not gain through the holidays.

Quick countdown workout that you can do from home!

“I have a dream…. that one day, half of the free weight area will be filled with WOMEN!” – Danielle Rae Pietrocarlo And WE are getting closer to that. The Free To Be Fit Heavy Metal Club at the studio focuses only on squatting, dead lifting, and bench pressing (power lifting) is made up of   

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Do something extraordinary. Seize the season. Seize your life! There is still time to reach your full potential this summer, mentally and physically! What are you waiting for?

Protein Brownie for One! I absolutely have to give credit to Jeffrey Dettelis from and Jillian Foit McDonnell from Train T.R.I.M. for introducing this TO-DIE-FOR treat!

What you need….

Over and over again I see friends posts on facebook about how they are giving up chocolate for lent, and it makes me want to curl up into a ball and cry. IT DOESNT HAVE TO BE THAT WAY! I mainly want to cry because I LOVE chocolate. Seriously might have an addiction to the   

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My 3 year old Gianna eats very well for her age, yet I still have given her vitamins to make sure she is getting everything she needs for her little growing body. The Flintstone vitamins were what I grew up on (and I turned out ok, right?). I just assumed that since it was “Pediatricians’   

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We read a positive status on facebook and we get a warm feeling inside that could potentially call us to work better or think better.

We hear someone speak positive, and after hearing some key words that “clique” for us we decide to act differently.

We close a book after reading it and are prepared to open a new book, to a new chapter of our lives.

We are INSPIRED. To convey a feeling of joining a higher cause.

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