Haven’t tried a ZUMBA or Cardio Hip Hop class yet, and hear everyone talking about how much  fun it is? Devotees know that both classes are a KILLER workout with infectious music, cool moves, and kick butt toning at the end. If you are still on the fence about whether its for you, check out the healthy benefits of boogie-ing down from the Director of Dani-Fit, Danielle Pietrocarlo :

“I always say give it one of two classes to get a good feel for it. It’s not about having every move right, or being exactly on beat. The classes are about feeling the music, having fun, making it your own (and getting a workout without feeling like it!) I don’t care if you bust out your favorite moves that you use at the club on the weekend! As long as your moving, your heart and body are happy!”


During a cardio hip hop class you are engaging a TON of muscle groups! Sometime more than one muscle group at a time! (The more muscle groups you work at once, the more calories burned!) Pietrocarlo says,  ” I LOVE to sneak in lunges, squats and other traditional body weight exercises into the choreography. Blissfully, they aren’t too noticed until the next day when you hear participants say “whoooo! My legs are sore!” If the hidden toning wasn’t enough during the routines, each cardio hip hop and zumba class is concluded with a specific arm, leg and core routine.

No body looks forward to walking on a treadmill for 45 minutes while a TV hangs in front of your face on a channel you most likely don’t want to watch nor feel like reading the captions. Cardio hip hop makes you “forget” your working out, and keep it enjoyable enough to keep you coming back. It relieves stress, sheds pounds, and its fun.

” I love seeing mom’s bring their sons and daughters to class- they are sharing the wonderful experience of fitness and hopefully it will be something that is a constant throughout their child’s life!” Ages 9-99 can participate in either of the classes. Start young , end old. You can also adapt in any class, whether its your first class or you have every routine memorized, you can modify it to your fitness level. Ease up or push hard.

“It’s already been 60 minutes? It’s already over?!” How many times have you said that about your current workout? Most class go-ers swear you won’t notice that an hour has come and gone and are a sweaty mess!

Pietrocarlo says ”   I have found that my best friendships have come from the relationships that were built through sweat in the class times we have spent together. I’ve reconnected with my cousin, revamped old friendships, and witnessed others do the same. It’s a huge plus when you take a step back.” Everyone that attends class is there for the same reason. To do something for themselves. Whether they are trying to lose weight, lose stress, build confidence, feel good, everyone is in the same boat. “It’s a support group like none other. When a “regular” misses a class, others wonder where they are!” Pietrocarlo claims, ” Everyone holds each other accountable to work their hardest. There is always cheering going on, high fives, and pats on the back.”

What are you waiting for?

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  1. Patty Beck says:

    Cardio hip hop is a blast!!!

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