“The hardest part, is walking through the door.” I have said it over and over again, when I am asked about class. Most of the time it’s that they are afraid they will “look silly” or “it will be too hard”.
The phrase applies to any class, or any style workout out in reality.  If you think you are going to “look silly” you will. If you think its going to “be to hard” and you “can’t do it”, you won’t. It’s that simple yet sometimes the biggest feat to conquer and control: Your Mentality.

Sure, it’s super cozy on your couch, and heck!, now that summer is here you want to be outside drinking a cold one , laying on the beach, or pigging out at a BBQ.  It all sounds much more appealing than hitting up the “gym” or that “workout”  and make the decision to workout, or getting your booty to a class 10 times harder. Truth is,  as soon as your done you feel like a million bucks,  right? I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say there was never a person who has ever said they “regretted” exercising.

In defense of the body that you have been working so hard on, I have put together some tips to keep you moving mentally through these summer months, or anytime to you need a “pick me up!”

#1 Realize YOU are in control!
Your body and your attitude are not controlled by the outside world. That is a huge illusion where excuses are born. You are in control of YOU.  You decide what you eat, how much you sleep, how much water you drink, how many times a week you work out, your attitude, what you do with your life and so on.

#2 Optomism is everything
You lost your wallet and your boyfriend dumped you. You can binge out on sappy love movies and stalk him on Facebook with a huge tub of ice cream that you payed for with the change that was in the bottom of your couch, OR you can strap on your  running sneakers and hit up the park (BECAUSE ITS FREE), and while your running you realize how much time you have now to focus on YOU instead of that dumb boyfriend that didn’t realize what he had! It’s all in how you look at it. Things happen all the time unexpectedly. You can look at the bright side, or let it ruin your whole day, or worse, let it ruin the body and 10 pounds you lost in the last 3 months. Some of the happiest people I know, are those who look at the glass half full.

#3 Quit your whining!
Negative words, negative thoughts,  “boo-hoo”, “poor me”, all of that crap. Gone. Ridding of negativity is something that takes time. The first step is being aware of when you are negative. Even when it is something as simple and everyday like complaining about the weather. Think before you speak. “Is what I am about to say negative? Is there a another way to say what I’m saying in a positive way?” Instead of saying “UGH! It’s so hot out I’m so sweaty”, you could say ” I am so glad I have air conditioning!” Without even realizing you are speaking optimistically, and soon that small optimistic talk will turn into big optimistic talk, and effect your state of mind in all aspects of life.

#4 Find a Partner
Brother, Parent, significant other, friend, anyone who is interested in exercising. Having someone to sweat with is a huge plus. That person holds you accountable, and you usually feel guilt if you cancel your “workout date”. Can’t find a partner? Find a group class to attend. Some of the best friendships are built in a group fitness classes.  Everyone is there for the same reason, and when you miss a class, others notice and wonder where you are. Friendship that is built on sweat, support, motivation, and accomplishment are friendships that last a lifetime.

#5 Set small goals and reward yourself!
“I want to loose 50 LBS in 2 months” Not happening and not healthy. Setting unattainable goals can be very discouraging. Instead try setting smaller goals one at a time, that all provide to reaching your ultimate goal. Loosing one pound per week or dropping a pant size in a month is much better. Once you reach it, reward yourself! I don’t mean pig our on doughnuts and McDonalds, (that is more like a punishment). Get a manicure, buy a new pair of workout pants, get a message, etc, then set a new small goal to attain.

My biggest motivation is fear. It’s not the fear of NOT achieving my dreams that scares me, it’s imagining a life where I knew my dreams were possible but giving up on them. Fear of living a life saying ” I wish I would have stuck with it”.”

That’s what drives me on…

Keep Driving!



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