We are so excited to be working in conjunction with Eat Live Primal on our most innovative program yet, created by the genius of personal trainer and fitness instructor Denise Jozwiak. The 30 -60- 90 Program consists of three, 30 minute training sessions sub divided into 12 minute high intensity stength and cardio conditioning intervals with a 3 minute recovery period between. At the end of each 30 minute session you can choose to exit and get on with your day feeling great and accomplished or continue with the next 30 minute session of new exercises and push your self to your limits. If you are pressed for time or just starting off stay for 30. If you are mor advanced and this is your hardcore full body workout for the week then stay for 60. If you are geared up and up for the ULTIMATE CHALLENGE then by all means do the FULL 90!!!

This isn’t a cookie cutter program designed to fit into your local box gym. This is NOT a workout of the day stolen off of a Crossfit Website. This is INNOVATION and Program Design at it’s best. Again we are fortunate to have some of the best trainers in the Western New York are excited to work on these programs with us and we can pass them on to you the client.

SO… you wanted it. you got it! Can you do the FULL 90???

This is a 10 week program starting Friday, March 22nd from 10:30am to 12pm and running through Friday, May 24nd. This program will be instructed and was designed by Denise Jozwiak. This is great value no matter if you do 30 minutes, 60 minutes or the FULL 90. This will be the one day a week you can count on getting both strength and cardio conditioning all in a nice tight effecient package. This value Package is only $169 for 10 weeks of training up to 90 minutes per session.


To REGISTER go to http://www.eatliveprimal.com/Packages.html and scroll to the bottom of the PACKAGES page and register online. Do not hesitate, this will sell out.



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  1. Becky smith says:

    Sounds so great! Any chance you might offer this on a weekend ? I would be interested in a Saturday or Sunday!

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